Timmar LLP, being a 100% local company, specializes in Security Risk Assessment servicing consisting of identification and studying of the threats which are relevant to oil and gas sector.


Our mission: Implementation the security risk assessment practice for companies operating in Kazakhstan.  


The main activities of Timmar:

  • Study and analysis of security risks for customers;
  • Preparation of recommendations to reduce risks;
  • In accordance with requirements the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Countering Terrorism”, the development of measures for the anti-terrorism protection of facilities.
  • Verification of the Customer’s employees for the possible involvement in criminal and radical organizations;
  • Identification of possible signs of corruption, theft, fraud or affiliation of contractors with representatives of the Customer;
  • Identification of the final owners (beneficiaries) of the Customer’s counterparties, including the determination of nominees for whom these enterprises are registered
  • Other measures permitted by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan to provide the security of customers.


Forewarned is forearmed