About us


Since 2004 "Timmar" has been engaged in consultation services in the site security and industrial safety sphere. Within last 5 years, since 2012 Company has been specializing in the Risk analysisactivities. Specialists of the "Timmar" have accumulated significant experience in the sphere of terrorism threats assessment and preparation of counter-terrorist protection passports of various facilities. Now we organize the work for country and  industrial risks assessment, vulnerability investigation of physical security and technical protection, and also cybersecurity status analysis and preparation/updating of evacuation plans.


Our strategicgoal : "Prompt  provision of Risk Assessment to our Clients according to the international standards taking into consideration of local features".


Main competitive advantages of "Timmar":

  • Awareness of business features and practices in Kazakhstan and the RoK legislation requirements in thearea of security;
  • Constant improvement of security audit carrying out practice and development of different sites protection systems;
  • Existence of practical experience of terrorist threats investigation and preparation ofantiterrorist passports of facilities vulnerable to terrorism threats;
  • Presence of the certified experts who passed training in the international security training centers.
  • Studying and practical introduction of the best international techniques of risks assessment and risk mitigation activities;
Forewarned is forearmed